Saudi Arabia finally drops demand to shut down Al Jazeera to reconcile with Qatar

Riyadh: In order to reconcile with Qatar, diplomats from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt dropped the demand to shut down Al Jazeera.

On Tuesday, diplomats from these four countries reduced the list of demands from 13 to 6. They also removed the demand to shut down Al Jazeera Media Network.

According to news published in Hollywood reporter, Saudi Ambassador to the UAE, Abdallah Al-Mouallimi said, “Of course we are all for compromises but there will be no compromise on these six principles”.

On 5th June, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt had imposed a political and economic blockade on Qatar. They had handed over a list of 13-point demands which included the closure of Al Jazeera Media Network. However, Qatar rejected the demands claiming that it violates its sovereignty.

It may be mentioned that on 12th July, UAE Minister for Federal National Council, Noura Al-Kaabi in an interview published in The Times newspaper, said that Emirates want fundamental change and restructuring of Al Jazeera instead of shutting it down completely.

She said that Qatar can fund the TV channel but not the one which promotes extremist activities. She informed that the Saudi and its allies are prepared to negotiate with Qatar.