Saudi Arabia: Father builds plane to fulfil his son’s pilot ambitions

Riyadh: A Saudi Arabian citizen has built a plane at his residence in Jeddah with limited flying tools to fulfil his son’s desire to become a pilot.

One day Mohammed Bilal Khoutani’s son informed his father about his wish of becoming a pilot. Khoutani thought of an idea to help him to make his dream come true. He decided to build a plane to help his son to train on the ground.

Khoutani researched extensively on how to design and build an aeroplane with limited capabilities according to the environment in which we live.

According to Arabic news channel Routana, Khoutani succeeded in building an aircraft; where the design took time due to the lack of capabilities, and the manufacture of the plane took place in three stages. The construction for the same started in 1439 Hijri and its end was in 1441 Hijri. It took him almost three years to finish building a plane for his son.

Khoutani, speaking to Routana, explained the stages of the construction process, starting with its theoretical design, implementation, assembling the parts and building of electrical parts such as steering, engine, meters, brakes, supports and others.

While the plane sadly does not fly, it is sufficient for his son to practice, before he decides to attend an aviation college and achieve his dreams of becoming a pilot.