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Saudi Arabia block UN aided fuel to Yemen

Saudi Arabia block UN aided fuel to Yemen

Sana’a: The humanitarian violence is turning worst than the worse in northern Yemen, since a Saudi blockade is keeping aid out of the only port which is still controlled by the Shi’ite Houthis.

The UN has been trying to get emergency aid into the capital city of Sana’a through the airport, but that seems to be no easier.

“Saudi Arabia is preventing, as part of the blockade, any shipments of jet fuel into Sanaa,” said an UN official.

It means there is no way for the UN planes to fly in, deliver aid, and still have enough fuel to fly out again.

“The situation is increasingly bleak, with no reliability to get vital aid into parts of the country that are afflicted with a huge cholera epidemic, and are now on top of that facing an outbreak on meningitis,” warn an official.

The Saudis have been very heavily limiting aid to the north in recent weeks, blockading shipments of fuel for electricity generators last week, and also barring a UN aid flight before that because BBC journalists were on board.

The Saudi blockade is giving a terrifying impact on Yemen which had imported more than 90 percent of its food in peacetime.