Saudi Arabia arrests Imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque

Saudi Arabia arrests Imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque
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Makkah: Saudi Arabia arrested prominent Imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque. The Imam had reportedly criticized mixed public gatherings.

According to the report published in Al-Jazeera, on Sunday, the Social Media Advocacy Group Prisoners of Conscience had claimed that Saudi Arabia has arrested Sheikh Saleh al-Talib. Saudi Arabia allegedly took this decision after the imam reportedly delivered a sermon on the duty in Islam to speak out against the evil in public.

Talib who is also a judge in Makkah had allegedly slammed mixing of men and women at different events. However, the imam did not directly criticize the Saudi Royal Family.

No official statement was issued on this issue.

It may be mentioned that recently, Saudi Arabia had relaxed law related to women allowing them to attend public events.

Talking to media, Mr. Yahya Assiri, a UK-based Saudi Human Rights activist claimed that authorities of Saudi Arabia are searching for the people who were present at the spot.

It may be noted that after Mohammed bin Salman became the Saudi Crown Prince, many imams, Women’s rights activists and members of the royal family were arrested.