Saudi Arabia: Ambulance driver dies after driving 400 km to save patient

Riyadh: It was a tragic end for an ambulance driver in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) on Monday who lost his life in a road accident after carrying out a humanitarian mission of saving the life of a patient, local media reported.

Muhammad Al-Subaie was returning home after driving a patient over 400 kms. The patient was in serious condition and Subaie drove him from Rania general hospital to King Faisal medical complex in Taif.

 Soon after, Subaie met with the mishap that occurred on Al-Khurma-Rania Road in which five others sustained injuries.

As per the media reports, those injured in a collision between an ambulance and a car included a doctor and nurse who traveled in the ambulance, and three passengers in the car.

Subaie died while undergoing treatment. All the injured are in a stable condition.