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Saudi Arabia to allow women in bikinis at new beach resort: SPIF

Saudi Arabia to allow women in bikinis at new beach resort: SPIF

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia to build a western-style beach resort where women can wear bikinis instead of “abayas,” a long dress.

The kingdom’s new heir to the throne Prince Mohammed bin Salman has unveiled plans for a luxury Red Sea resort that will allow women to wear bikinis on the beach instead of a burkha.

Experts believe the luxury resort is a part of royal’s attempt to modernise the Saudi economy.

Women in the kingdom are required to cover themselves traditionally but the new resort is to be built between the cities of Amlaj and al-Jawh, will be “governed by laws on par with international standards,” ” a statement by the Saudi Public Investment Fund [PIF] said.

“[The resort] will be an extremely safe and secure environment that will ensure the protection of all visitors in accordance with the highest international best practice,” said the Saudi Arabian statement. 

The report described the plans as a “luxury resort destination” spread across 50 untouched natural islands that will attract domestic and foreign tourists.

“It will set new standards for sustainable development and bring about the next generation of luxury travel to put Saudi Arabia on the international tourism map,” Saudi Arabia’s investment fund said.

The construction is set to begin in 2019 and the first phase of the project will be completed by 2022, as per announcement.