Saudi allows Islamic scholar under detention to meet his wife

The Saudi Authorities have allowed famous Islamic scholar Sheikh Safar Al- Hawali currently under detention, to meet his wife for few minutes, according to Prisoners of Conscience – the Twitter account which reports on political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

The authorities have also allowed his imprisoned sons wives to visit them inside the prison.

Islamic scholar, Sheikh al-Hawali’s health condition has been deteriorating ever since he was placed under detention several months ago by the Saudi Authorities.

The twitter account has stated the authorities move against the aged-Islamic scholar was deteriorating his health inside the prison as “he is an old man and suffers from many diseases”.

It was earlier speculated that the Scholar has passed away over a month ago inside the prison after his health rapidly deteriorated, MEM reports.

The aged- Islamic scholar was arrested by the Saudi authorities for releasing his book “Muslims and Western civilization” where he criticized the government for spending billions of US dollars on Trump’s administration.