Satyakam Bharadwaj Vedic Research Foundation launches new book

New Delhi: Dr. Satyakam Bharadwaj Vedic Research Foundation on Friday launched their coffee table book, ‘Vedas-A New Perception’ at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The book was unveiled by Dr. Satyapal Singh, Minister of State for HRD & Ministry for Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation in the presence of Daksha Bharadwaj, Founder Trustee (Son of Late Dr. Satyakam Bharadwaj).

The book constitutes of key Vedic terms, hymns and important interpretations derived from the original Vedic Bhasha (terminology as used in Vedas).

Dr. S.K. Bharadwaj, was an ENT specialist based in Vienna and a scholar of nuclear physics. With proficiency in over 17 languages, he conducted extensive research on the Vedas and deduced that the original Vedic Hymns focused more on the subject matter, context and scientific interpretation. His research spanned more than seven decades and for the last four decades of his life, he was totally involved into interpreting the Vedas in their true meaning. This coffee table book is an introduction to his decades of research.

The launch was preceded by a panel discussion with Padma Shri Dr. Pritam Singh, Padma Shri Veerendra Raj Mehta, Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik, Daksha Bharadwaj, Bhavya Srivastava, and Shruti Poddar anchored by Dr. Annurag Batra, Editor-in-chief, BW Businessworld. The discussion revolved around the importance of Vedic education being mandatory or at least optional in all Indian institutions.

Talking about the book, Daksha Bharadwaj, Founder Trustee, said, “Vedas are crafted as ‘books of knowledge’ for everyone. Irrespective of faith, caste or belief, ‘Vedas – A New Perception’ is a coffee table book which provides a distilled essence of inspiring research by three generations of my family, spread over 125 years. My father, Dr. Satyakam Bharadwaj, devoted his life into interpreting the Vedas in its true meaning and the book ‘Vedas – A New Perception’ in two volumes written by him are being republished in digital format with further add-ons and will be out early next year.”

Chief Guest Dr. Satyapal Singh, Minister of State for HRD & Ministry for Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, said, “It is my pleasure to unveil this coffee table book. We all know about the history of Vedas but have always confused it with wrong interpretations. Dr. Satyakam Bhardwaj spent almost all his life in researching the true meaning of Vedas and this book is a testament of the same.”

Universally accepted as the oldest and most voluminous literature known to mankind, Vedas embody depth and vastness of the collective wisdom of countless Indian sages.

In the book, Dr. S.K. Bharadwaj has brought out that language of Vedas was ‘Bhasha’, which was large and flexible and not Sanskrit. This was restrictive and derivative of Vedic Bhasha, as opposed to the work of several other scholars who provide interpretations from Sanskrit Hymns. ‘Vedas – A New Perception’ illustrates examples of mantras, words and stories with translations done in Vedic Bhasha.