Sarkozy ‘fears for his life’

London, November 01: Nicolas Sarkozy fears he could be assassinated, after becoming the “most hated” French President in 50 years, a media report said.

France has erupted in strikes and protests since President Sarkozy proposed saving cash by raising retirement age from 60 to 62 years. The change has now been voted into law by MPs, triggering widespread anger among French workers.

And, Sarkozy is said to have told aides:”I am so hated that I am beginning to fear for my life. Someone may just cross the line and attack me. But I don’t know why the French have come to hate me so much,”‘The Sun’reported.

Pollsters found last week that just one in three people backed him. That made him even more unpopular than General Charles de Gaulle in 1968-when millions took to the streets to demand an overhaul of French society.

Socialist party leader Martine Aubry, now backed by more than half of voters, fumed:”The President has treated the French people with contempt.