Sarah Silverman insecure about her age

Los Angeles: Actress Sarah Silverman, 47, says she is insecure about grappling with her age.

Asked what is she insecure about, Silverman said: “You know, it moves around.”

“Like grappling with being the age I am. I’ve never been this age. And it’s the oldest I’ve ever been. But then I’ll go, ‘It’s the youngest I’ll ever be’. That’s what I tell myself too,” added the actress at the press conference on her forthcoming animated film “Ralph Breaks the Internet” here.

“And then like, how I’m supposed to be. And then I go, however I am. I conversation myself, I’ll go see the cellulite on my thighs. I go ugh. And then I go ‘I’m strong and my body works. And I love these thighs. These thighs help me stand and walk and move’. So whenever I pass, I live in an apartment building and there’s a mirror by the elevators.

“When I pass it, I make myself go like this. And it helps,” she added.

At the moment, she is looking forward to the release of “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, sequel to “Wreck-It Ralph”. It explores some complex issues and shows the way the Internet affects everyone’s life, and puts a spotlight on online bullying and trolling.

Directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” brings back Ralph (John C. Reilly) and his fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz, voiced by Silverman.

This time, the digital duo go on a journey to explore the world of Internet, where they hope to find a replacement steering wheel for Vanellope’s own racing game, the arcade classic Sugar Rush.

The Walt Disney Animation Studios’ project will release in India on November 23.

Talking about the reason why she joined Twitter, she said: “Years ago, I have a group of friends that we play poker together. One of them was like, ‘You’ve got to check out this thing, Twitter. I’m going to take a picture of us and post it on Twitter and people will comment on it. And I go oh jeez. You with the latest technologies’.

“And I made fun of him. Then one day, I was listening to the radio. They said follow us on Twitter. And I wanted to hear more about that story. So you have to log on. Then that was it.”

How has been your own relationship with the Internet?

“It is a gateway drug. For a comedian, it’s a great place to try out jokes or like places where you just have a funny thought and you want to put it out there or whatever. But then it became the place where I take in my news. And now I want only look back on the times when I was funny on it.”

Silverman, who has featured in “Bad Santa”, “The Aristocrats” and “The Muppets”, wonders how the online world is “good or bad”.

“But we had to learn how to navigate and how to protect ourselves. And what we can handle. And what we can allot ourselves. It’s like anything. There can be way too much of it. It’s nice as a treat. And there are bells that can’t be unwrung that probably happen a couple of times a week or a day or in the middle of the night.

“But I think there’s a lot of good in the Internet. It has brought the world a lot closer. It has made it a lot smaller. And then of course there are terrible things about it.”

Apart from the good, she says there is a lot of “misinformation” floating around in the big world of Internet.

“This new world of chaos. And lack of knowing what is true I would attribute to the Internet. But also learning truths about other people that I would have never known, culturally. Like waking up to my own white privilege had a lot to do with the Internet for what it’s worth.

“It’s a very complicated relationship with the Internet, that we all have. And we have to try to find a healthy balance,” she added.