Sarah Paulson wants to play ‘Cheetah’ in ‘Wonder Woman’

New Delhi: As the DC Extended Universe hopes to redeem itself with ‘Wonder Woman 2’, it sounds like ‘American Horror Story’ star Sarah Paulson is interested in playing one of the major villains in the Wonder Woman universe.

The actress has called on the director of the movie, Patty Jenkins, to cast her as the female superhero’s arch-enemy in the fifth installment in the DC Extended Universe movies, alongside Gal Gadot in the titular role.

When a fan tagged the 45-year-old filmmaker on Twitter, and suggested, “Hey @PattyJenks, Giving that #WonderWoman ‘s Rogues Gallery is small, will you use her most famous villain ‘Cheetah’ in the sequel? I also think that @MsSarahPaulson or @CharlizeAfrica would be perfect for this character if you did use her. @WonderWomanFilm.”

To which, Paulson wrote back, “Yes please @PattyJenks.”

In this year’s movie, Wonder Woman battled the Greek god of War in World War II.

However, many fans are calling for Cheetah to return.

Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine, Barbara Ann Minerva and Sebastian Ballesteros previously took on the role in various TV series based on the DC Comics.

‘Wonder Woman 2’ is due to be released in November 2018. (ANI)