Saoirse Ronan to wear black at this year’s Golden Globes

Washington: Supporting the ‘only black’ movement at this year’s Golden Globes, actress Saoirse Ronan has revealed that she is going to wear black at the star-studded ceremony.

According to, the 23-year-old actress will be joining the red carpet protest of women standing up against sexual harassment in Hollywood, and hopes the plan will “raise awareness” and support victims.

While giving an interview to a leading entertainment show, Ronan said, “We’ll all be wearing black. It is the most important thing, and I’ve never felt so encouraged and inspired and supported to use whatever voice I have and for all of these people, men and women, to be able come together and use their influence and to open up the conversation and raise awareness and support anyone who’s gone through, or anyone that has questioned their safety or their stance when they’re on set — I think it’s invaluable and paramount that this happens now.”

The ‘Brooklyn’ star, fortunately, hasn’t experienced the horror that many of her peers have at the hands of predatory directors and producers, and admits she still loves life on a movie set.

“I love this, I really do. I love work and I love working on films and with crews and being around that environment. It’s home to me more than anything else,” noted Ronan.

Ronan is indeed on a roll in her career, as for a second year in a row, she is in the race of becoming an Oscar-winning actress. She is considered to be a frontrunner for this category for her role in the movie ‘Lady Bird’.

On Thursday she was announced ‘Best Actress’ at New York Critics’ Awards, while ‘Lady Bird’ writer and director Greta Gerwig picked up the award for Best Film. (ANI)