Sanskrit most useful for science, technology: Rajnath

Lucknow: Advocating the promotion of Sanskrit, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said even foreign scholars have considered it to be one of the most scientific of languages.

“There is no other language which provides answers to complex philosophical questions like epics written in Sanskrit. Be it art, literature, science or technology, people are admitting Sanskrit is most useful,” Singh said addressing the launch of a ‘Mahaabhiyan’ to take Sanskrit to every house which is being led by an educational institution here.

He said that even NASA, while building a super computer, had said that Sanskrit was the most suitable language for it.

“But the irony is that we are getting away from it in India,” he said.

Singh said that Sanskrit does not have a problem of spelling like other languages, such as English, and was pronounced in a similar manner everywhere. Unlike other languages, where pronunciation varies from region to region, Sanskrit does not have this problem as it is based on sound science, he added.

“Even youths in the US and UK are reading Sanskrit,” he said.

Singh said that as during his stint as the education minister in Uttar Pradesh government, he had introduced two chapters on Vedic mathematics in the school curriculum which, however, were later removed by the subsequent governments.

He said that if there was the will, knowledge of Sanskrit could be taken to each and every house.