Sanjeevani founder speaks about not being a ‘Below Average Me’ on Women’s Day

Mumbai: On the eve of Women’s Day 2019, even as we celebrate the importance of gender equality & women at work, there is a vital element that all women need to focus on balance.

With massive cultural shifts happening in the country, many women are creating new waves at work. And along with climbing the professional ladder, they also manage other roles like that of a wife, mother, daughter, and daughter-in-law.

“Today’s woman is well educated, competent, hardworking, enjoys the freedom and financial independence, takes decisions, manages people, handles critical situations and balances home, family and kids.”, said Ruby Ahluwalia, the Founder of the NGO Sanjeevani.

In the midst of juggling these roles, they sometimes put their own physical & emotional health in the backseat. While many talks about maintaining a work-life balance, the idea of self-care is seldom spoken about. Ruby Ahluwalia, who herself is a Stage 3 Cancer survivor understands the importance of taking care of your body and mind and is generating awareness about the same through her NGO Sanjeevani.

Through her message, she explains why today is not just about celebrating womanhood, but embracing your inner self and answering it’s needs. “It is a day of reflection, to take stock, to re-engage with self and draw out a plan for self that balances work – responsibilities – self!”, added Ruby Ahluwalia. This story is provided by NewsVoir.