Sania Mirza asks well-wishers to pray for daughter instead of son

Mumbai: Sania Mirza told that people are praying for her that she gives birth to a son but she wants a daughter. She told this during a ‘Women’s Development and Girl Child’ event organized in Mumbai while sharing the news of her pregnancy.

She also shared her childhood memories on the occasion, sources quoted her saying “We are just two sisters and we have no brothers and often when people came to know that we do not have brothers then people used to feel sorry but we never did. Not only that I was 6 years old, since then I am playing tennis and at that time the relatives who came to my house often used to abject in wearing a short skirt and playing tennis in the sun. Now my wish is just that we have a little angel here, so I request all of my loved ones that you pray that I give birth to a daughter.”

Sania stressed the need to change the mindset of society that a girl also holds the same rights as a boy in society.