Sangeet Som slams owning ‘meat processing unit’ rumours, says ‘I don’t even eat egg’

Meerut: Refuting reports that he owns a meat processing unit, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sangeet Som on Saturday said that he doesn’t even eat egg and therefore there is no point of him owning a meat processing unit.

“I did buy the land but after three months, I had sold it. I don’t know why people are repeating this issue again and again. I have all the documents related to the land,” Som told the media here.

“I am a Hindu. I know each and every ritual which is there in the religion. It’s a sin to eat meat according to Hinduism. I don’t even eat egg. So, there is no point of establishing a meat processing unit,” he added.

The denial comes a day after a media report said registry documents revealed that the MLA had purchased land in Aligarh for a meat processing unit in 2009. (ANI)