Sanction of Honorarium to Imams and Moazzins – Historic step – Minorities Commission

Hyderabad: Mr. Abid Rasool Khan, Chairman of Minorities Commission welcomed the decision of Govt. of A.P. for announcing honorarium to Imams and Moazzins of mosques.

It may be noted that Minorities Commission had sent a report to Govt. of A.P. on 16th June 2014 requesting for sanctioning honorarium to Imams and Moazzins. He said that it is a historic decision that Govt. of A.P. has sanctioned Rs. 5000 to Imams and Rs. 3000 to Moazzins of the mosques. This will certainly generate confidence among the Muslims. He further told that after conducting a survey, Minorities Commission ensured the submission of 7500 applications. Mr. Khan congratulated Mr. Chandrababu Naidu for this historic decision. It would help Muslims to improve their economic condition. After sanctioning this honorarium, it is expected that Govt. of A.P. would take positive steps on the recommendations made by the commission for the welfare of minorities. Mr. Abid Rasool Khan congratulated CM of A.P., Mr. Naidu, Minorities Welfare Minister of A.P. and Special Secretary, Govt. of A.P.

–Siasat News