Samsung unveils latest smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2

Amsterdam: Korean company Samsung has announced its latest smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2.

According to The Next Web, the watch has a round look and comes in two different styles.

The Gear S2 comes with a 1.2-inch circular screen at 11.4 millimeters of thickness. The resolution works out to a 360 x 360.

The watch packs an optimized 1-GHz dual core processor and runs Tizen OS, which up until recently was exclusively used for Samsung’s smartwatch and TV offerings.

Its features include notifications and the ability to send emails through the watch and voice compatibility for those who purchase the S2 3G model.

The device can work for two to three days continuously and the users will be able to charge it wirelessly with the included watch dock.

The watch will come in Dark Gray with a Dark Gray band and Silver with a White band, while the Samsung Gear S2 Classic will be available in Black with a leather band.

The watch face and the band are interchangeable. Samsung says it is working with partners to develop these accessories to be sold separately at retail.

The company has not yet released the price for either watch. (ANI)