Samsung unveils ‘affordable’ 4G handset with UDS

Kolkata :Samsung has unveiled its most affordable 4G handset at Rs 8,490 with new ultra data saving facility, keeping Indian customers in mind.

“The Galaxy J2 is an affordable 4G handset which has, for the first time, an ultra data saving mode. This is the first handset from Samsung with the new data saving facility developed in India,” Samsung India director mobile business Manu Sharma said.

“We feel India is ready for 4G. It is our focus and is critical for Samsung,” he added.

Samsung has launched 17 4G enabled handsets so far out of the total 37 running models from its stable.

Sharma said all future budget smartphone handsets will have UDS.

Claiming that the company commands 40 per cent marketshare in smartphones, Sharma said, “We are also leaders in 4G market,” without sharing the details.