Samsung introduces its Ultra High Definition Blu-ray disk player

Samsung has introduced its first Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

According to the Verge, the company says the player can provide up to four times the resolution of standard Blu-ray devices and 64 times higher color expression.

The player can upscale content to provide UHD resolution for any disc and is compatible with 4K streaming services as well as supporting high dynamic range (HDR) video. It is Wi-Fi enabled and has a USB port at the front and can connect to the company’s new SmartThings hub. Samsung has not yet released any information about price or availability,

Samsung says it is committed to expanding the ecosystem for Ultra HD or 4K content. It is partnering with firms including Amazon, Netflix, British Telecom and Canal Plus, to create and deliver more UHD content worldwide.

In addition, the company said about its range of UHD TVs, which it said would be the first to support the new HDMI 2.0a format that allows HDR input. The president and CTO of Fox with Samsung promised that the movie studio was dedicated to releasing all of its upcoming movies in Ultra HD format. Fox unveiled its first HDR package and promised that other titles be available soon. (ANI)