Sameer Ahmed Siddiqui on approach towards IAS/IPS exam

Hyderabad: The Indian civil services exam is one of the toughest exams of the world. This prestigious exam is conducted by the Union Public service commission, and every year nearly 11 lakh candidates apply for it.

This exam has three stages- preliminary, Mains and Personality test.

Of 11 lakh candidates applying for the exam, nearly 7 lakh appear for the Preliminary exam, and around 14000 candidates get qualified for the mains exam. Of these 14000 candidates, only 2500-3000 candidates, depending upon the number of vacancies, get selected for interview. In the final stage, i.e in the personality test, finally 900 candidates make it to the merit list.

To fulfill dream of becoming civil servant, one needs to be determined, dedicated and sincere in achieving the goal. Just reading the syllabus books and mugging up things will not make candidates successful in cracking this exam. What is more important is that ‘reading between the lines.’

Further, the most important attribute of a true civil aspirant is Consistency. If one lacks consistency in preparation for this exam, it is hard to imagine of cracking this prestigious exam.

There are no shortcuts to achieve success in this exam.

Hard work is the only key to success.

It should be remembered that this exam is neither too difficult for anybody to crack nor it is too easy for anybody to achieve success. Most importantly, a determined mind to achieve the dream and a dedicated effort is essential for success.