Salman`s new `BB9` promo confuses fans with `double trouble` theme

New Delhi, Sept. 18: With ‘ Bigg Boss’ season nine’s new promo, it looks like Salman Khan is having a good time confusing his fans about the show.

In the promo, the 49-year-old actor is heard saying, “Yaha moonlight ke sath hogi sunlight, Romeo ko dekh ke Laila hogi excite, ek khaega left to duja kahega right, Kuyunki big boss house one plus one is double trouble (here sunlight will come along moonlight, Romeo will excite Laila, one will go left and other will go right because in big boss house one plus one is double trouble).”

It is being expected that the upcoming season of the hit reality show will depict two different shades of the contestants.