Salman Khan takes Azhar for a ride

Mumbai, June 11: Salman Khan is known for his benevolence and the latest person who has been touched by the actor is none other than the Slumdog Millionaire kid Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail who played the character of Salim in Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning film.

Salman Khan gifts the Slumdog Millionaire child actor a battery operated bike that he’d wanted for years.DNA has learnt that Salman recently played Santa to Azhar on the sets of his TV show as he went out of his way to purchase a battery operated bike worth Rs15,000 for the child actor, who had longed to own one for years. His parents’ poor financial condition was a bane for him to fulfil his long-cherished dream.

A source close to the development says, “Salman was doing a children’s special shoot with Darsheel Safary, Tanay Chheda and Azhar for 10 Ka Dum and while he was talking to the Slumdog kid, he learnt that Azhar was his big fan and that he was longing to own a bike. Azhar had seen such a bike before in the stores or with kids of his age group who hail from affluent families. The most emotional moment for Salman came when Azhar told him that his dream will always remain a dream as he comes from a poor family and that his parents don’t have the money to gift him a bike.”

The insider adds, “Salman was shocked and his heart went out to Azhar. Many on the sets say he had tears in his eyes. Sallu quickly asked the people on the sets to buy a bike for him. It was his gift for Azhar. Salman personally made Azhar sit on it and allowed him to ride it on the sets while the camera was rolling. Azhar was delighted by the surprise. When this episode was over, he kept on riding the bike backstage too.”

Salman told Azhar, “This was your long cherished desire and it now stands fulfilled, but I’m going to take the first ride on the bike.” He then drove it on the sets and then made all the kids starting from Azhar ride the vehicle.