Salman Khan shocked by Jasleen’s fake emotions on Anup Jalota’s exit

The eviction from the Big Boss house has brought in a series of confusion, suspense. As it was Anup Jalota and Jasleen as the Jodi (Pair) which has received minimum votes. Salman Khan said that despite being so popular outside the house and being a peace-loving Jodi the duo received minimum votes which left him surprised.

When the host Salman Khan announced that Bigg Boss has decided to give Anup and Jasleen a chance, and one of them would stay in the house and only one would be evicted, audience and housemates, all were left in a state of shock. But, it was Jasleen’s gesture post the announcement which grabbed eyeballs. Jasleen remained calm and composed. And what’s more shocking was the fact that not even once did Jasleen try to convince Jalota to stay in the house when he made his decision to leave.

Salman Khan told the audience that even though they are thinking, their decision was clear to him from the beginning. He also told Jasleen and Anup that even the audience knew this would be their final decision.

What’s even more surprising was the fact that Jasleen looked a bit eager to drop him till the gate, where Jalota intervened and asked her to first let him meet all the housemates. After Jalota left the house, many were left broken. But on the other hand, Jasleen was soon seen cracking jokes with Shivashish and few others housemates.

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