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What led Salman Khan missing two flights in 30 mins?

What led Salman Khan missing two flights in 30 mins?

New Delhi: It seems like Salman Khan and controversies go hand in hand. After his rape comment controversy, the actor is yet again in the midst of another smoky dispute. On Monday (July 18), the actor got into a heated argument with the airport authorities after the actor missed his flight to Delhi.

The ‘Kick’ actor who should have reached the airport on time was 15 minutes late and as per the boarding rules, he was not allowed to board Vistara Airlines en route to Delhi.

This situation left the actor feeling irritated, who then tried to reason with the airport authorities and asked them to let him board the flight. But rules are being rules, Salman was no exception and the actor was not allowed to take the flight.

It is heard that in middle of the argument, he burst into laughter and then later he boarded the next flight of Jet Airways. However, this is not the first time that he missed the plane while travelling with Vistara Airlines.

According to the source, there were initial reports that Khan got into a scuffle as he missed one flight after another. However, both Mumbai Airport and airlines officials denied any scuffle or heated arguments. “He was joking about missing two flights in a row when he saw the Vistara plane leave in front of him.”

Being full service carriers, Jet and Vistara airlines have a business class and Khan was booked to fly in them on all his three flights on Monday.