Saline treatment given to 700 year old Banyan tree

Hyderabad: A second biggest and 700-year-old Banyan tree in Mahabubnagar was brought back to life with the help of drips containing termite killing pesticide to retain the tree spread across three acres of land.

One of the tree branches was infected with wood-eating termites. In order to save the second biggest tree known as “Pillalamarri” or “Peerla Marri” was treated with saline to kill the pesticides.

The land was closed down for public last December after one of its infected branches fell down.

The officials in order to protect the tree and further spread of infestation put up drips of diluted chemical Chlorpyrifos on every two metres of the giant banyan tree along with watering the tree with diluted solution to strengthen the tree and its branches. Hans reported.