Salim Khan takes on Nawaz Sharif, says he should be named ‘Be-Nawaz Sharir’

Mumbai: Acclaimed Bollywood screen writer Salim Khan has lashed out at Nawaz Sharif on Twitter, saying that when no one in Pakistan listens to their Prime Minister would anyone in the international fora heed his complaints about India.

He also said that the Pakistani Prime Minister should have been re-named to “Be-Nawaz Sharir”.

“Beg your pardon Mr Sharif, If people those who gave you your name knew what your characteristics would be, they would have named you Be-Nawaz Sharir,” Salim tweeted on Tuesday.

Salim, 80, also said it was Sharif’s admission that no one in Pakistan listens to him.

“A big blunder has been committed. Its your own admission that no one listens to you in Pakistan be it, your army, your parliament or your people. Wonder if your respected family listens to you??,” he added.

Salim said that it was ironic that Sharif was going “around the world complaining about India. Is anyone listening??”.

Salim’s comments come in the wake of Sunday’s terror attack on an Indian army camp in Uri, in Jammu and Kashmir, that has left 18 soldiers dead. India has blamed the attack on Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohamed.

Sharif is also in New York where he is to highlight alleged human rights violations by India in Kashmir at the United Nations General Assembly.