Saleem vows to enhance Wakf Board income: Special interview to Siasat

Hyderabad: “It is the grace of Allah (SWT) that I have been bestowed with the honour of being the chairman of Wakf Board”, said by Mohammed Saleem who has recently been elected chairman of Telangana Wakf Board. He thanked CM, Dy. CM and the members of Wakf Board.

In the interview given to Mr. Syed Jaleel Azhar, correspondent of Siasat Urdu Daily, Mr. Saleem told that he will not draw any monetary benefit such as salary, TA, car allowance etc., from the Wakf Board. His main function would be to protect wakf properties and to get illegal possessions dislodged. If the illegal occupants of wakf properties surrender them to Wakf Board responding to their voice of conscience, no action would be taken against them. Any illegal occupant of Wakf property, whatever his social or official position he enjoys, will not be spared. He further told that Mr. KCR is taking concrete steps for the welfare of Muslims. He has promised to give judicial powers to Wakf Board and also to handover wakf properties. He hoped that Mr. KCR will fulfill his promise. He requested all the illegal possessors in the districts to handover wakf properties to Wakf Board. He promised that he would leave no stone unturned to enhance the income of Wakf Board.

It may be noted that Mr. Mohammed Saleem has discharge duties as the chairman of Wakf Board for a period of four years during TDP regime.

–Siasat News