Saldana to launch media brand to showcase diversity

Los Angeles: Actress Zoe Saldana is set to launch BESE media brand to empower Generation Z and tell more Latinx stories in Hollywood.

“Because the mission of BESE is to reshape the cultural narrative by shining light on the untold story that reflects today’s America, that also meant creating opportunities for content creators in the tech and digital world that haven’t necessary been given the opportunity that they deserve,” the 39-year-old told

“We hired a lot of Latinx video content creators because we want to manifest our mission from the inside out.”

She also opened up about sharing her passion project with husband Marco Perego and their three children, twin sons Bowie and Cy, 3, and son Zen, 1.

Saldana, who draws inspiration from the likes of actresses Sigourney Weaver, Reese Witherspoon and Gina Rodriguez, hopes to influence positive change in the industry by showcasing diversity.

“I’ve been impacted my whole life by trailblazers. Whether they were current at that time or still relevant today, or current today, not only are they using their talents to benefit their personal growth, but they are giving back,” she said.

“They are giving back to their community. Whatever those communities may be.”

Added the “Star Trek” actress: “Either by sharing their insight, by sharing their knowledge, by shedding light on organisations and movements and people that we should all be knowing about and talking about, because they are bringing change to their local communities. I’m impacted every day by these voices.”