Saira, who was sold to Saudi sheikh, is rescued by Hyderabad cops

Hyderabad: 23-year-old, Saira Banu, was allegedly sold to a Saudi sheikh for 5 lakh. She has been rescued with the efforts of Shah Ali Banda police. Saira landed in Hyderabad on Saturday.

However, nearly 15 of her family members, who turned up at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamsabad to receive her, had to face disappointment when the cops did not allow her to go home and took her straight to the Shah Ali Banda police station.

TOI has quoted her brother Moinuddin as saying “she has been kept at the police station since morning, with police officers questioning her.” Moinuddin had been waiting since morning at the police station along with his parents to take his sister home.

Saira’s family lodged a complaint with the police stating that Saira Banu’s husband and a local agent had sent her to Saudi Arabia. After landing in Saudi Arabia Saira Banu came to know that she had been sold for 5 lakh.

During prolonged questioning by Shah Ali Banda that lasted several hours Saira Banu revealed that she was told by an agent that she was sold to a Saudi Shaikh who refused to send her back to India.

Shah Ali Banda police allowed her to go home at 10pm.