Sahri and iftar arrangements in place in more than 100 masajid in Japan

Tokyo: The month of Ramadan is being celebrated in Japan with religious fervour and religious harmony. Sahri and iftar are being arranged in more than 100 masajid. A large number of foreign Muslims reside in Japan. Recently iftar was arranged in Saitama district of Japan in which hundreds of Muslims participated.

Qari Hafez Mohammed Rizwan Yousufi who has been serving as imam of Jama Masjid Yashio for 19 years belongs to Lahore. According to him as soon as the Ramadan begins a large number of people arrive at the masjid. Iftar preparation begins right after Asr. Similarly, preparations for sahri begin right after Taraveeh. A large number of people are present on the occasion.

Hafiz Rizwan has appealed Muslims to establish Namaz in other months as well. He says, in other days sometimes he has to offer Fajr prayer alone with his son. Hence those who can afford to come to the masjid for prayer should do so 5 times a day.