Saharanpur politics: Qazi family reunites after 7 years to prevent BJP’s win

Saharanpur: After 7-year long battle Masood brothers who have strong clout in Western UP politics have finally come under one roof. It is believed that Qazi Rasheed Masood will bless his nephew Imran Masood. He was to announce his support for Imran Masood in a press conference but could not turn up due to some reason. However, his sons Shadan Masood and Imran Masood addressed a joint press conference held at the residence of Imran Masood. They told that the reunion of the Qazi family is to keep BJP away from power.

Shadan Masood made it clear that he has neither quit BSP nor joined Congress. He said he would announce his next step after the BSP high command takes a decision regarding him.

Without naming the expected candidate of BSP Haji Fazlur Rahman, Shadan Masood alleged that BSP ticket is given according to the weight of the suitcase. He categorically said if anyone could defeat BJP in Saharanpur parliamentary seat, he is none other than Imran Masood. He said he would appeal people to vote for Imran Masood.