Saharanpur man walks to SC post being named in religious conversion racket

Praveen Kumar, a resident of Saharanpur started walking to Delhi on Wednesday to seek justice from the Supreme Court of India after being questioned in a religious conversion racket.

Speaking to the Indian express, Kumar stated that he was wrongfully named and maligned in a religious conversion racket by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-terrorism squad (ATS) and questioned for three days on whether he received foreign aid to convert people to Islam.

Officers also questioned him on whether he changed his name to Samad, if he was a part of a criminal conspiracy and other similar accusations. Upon finding nothing, he was dropped back to Saharanpur.

Praveen claims that despite the lack of evidence against him, he was ostracized within his community, with residents of his village calling him a “terrorist” and “traitor”. He said he received a letter one morning, which called him a ‘Pakistani Musalman’ and that asked him to leave the country. Deciding to respond to the humiliation, Praveen packed his bag and started walking towards the Supreme Court in Delhi.

Earlier this week, Praveen approached the Saharanpur District Magisterate and submitted a memorandum in this regard. He then packed some clothes, two books, and left, reaching Ghaziabad after four days of walking continually.

“I hope the apex court will understand my circumstances and help me prove my dedication to this country,” he told the Indian Express.

Praveen Kumar claims to have published two books titled ‘Namo Gatha Modi Ek Vichar’ and ‘Yogi Raj se Yogiraj Tak’ in 2016 and 2017 respectively.