Saffron shawl vs Hijab: ABVP’s goonda elements demand Burqa ban in college

Shivamogga: ABVP activists demanding to continue the ban against HIJAB that has been lifted following a directive from the varsity.

According to Times of India reports, the Sahyadri Science College, affiliate to Kuvempu University on Friday has lifted the restrictions against the Muslim girls’ hijab or headscarf that had been in force since the start of the current academic year.

Although the college has no objection to the Muslim girls wearing hijab or headscarves but the male students reportedly protesting that they would continue to sport saffron shawl till hijab was banned on the campus.

The Muslim students staged a protest in front of the Deputy Commissioner office against atrocities on Muslim girls, reported.

Addressing the protesters Shabana said, “From the past two days ABVP members are opposing Muslim girls from entering the campus wearing the Burkha. The students who come wearing the Burkha have been harassed and physically assaulted. We the Muslim girls do not have protection in the college. We need safety while pursuing our education. Two days ago the Kuvempu University has clarified that there is no dress code for students, but the ABVP are creating problems for the Muslim girl students”, she said.

They also alleged that goons from outside come to the campus and create problems and the lecturers support them.

A month ago, anti-hijab agitators of the college, who apparently vow loyalty to hard-line Hindutva groups demanded the college authorities to impose ban on hijabs on the college campus.

H Shakuntala, Principal of Sahyadri Science College said, “It was the university’s decision. I cannot comment on the issue.”