Saffron Brigade continues attacks on Naseeruddin Shah

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed his heartfelt feelings on the prevailing situation in the country due to which he became the target of criticism from all the sides.

Saffron Brigade is continuously attacking him saying that he is a traitor. Someone is telling him to go to a safer place. BJP leader Shakshi Maharaj also attacked him. He said that where was Mr. Naseeruddin Shah when the situation in the country was tense. He further said that Mr. Shah is giving such a statement keeping in mind the General Elections of 2019. He told that Mr. Shah should apologize for his statement.

It may be mentioned that two days back, Hamid Ansari was released from Pakistani prison. Mr. Shah should ask Mr. Ansari how the situation in India is.

Mr. Shah had told on YouTube to Karwan-e-Mohabbat that the mob has been led free to take law into its hand and the death of a cow is being given more importance than the death of a human being. He had told this in the wake of the incident which took place near Bulandshahr wherein a police inspector and a youth were shot dead by the mob.

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