Sadhvi Prachi compares Rohingya Muslims with ISIS, says they are more dangerous

Lucknow: Sadhvi Prachi, VHP leader once again gave controversial statements. This time she picks Rohingya Muslims issue. She asked Union Government to send them back to Myanmar.

According to the news published in Deccan Herald, in an informal talk with reporters, she said that Rohingya Muslims are more dangerous than even the ISIS terrorists.

She termed the entry of Rohingya Muslims in India as “infiltration”. She claimed that already 40000 Rohingya Muslims is residing in India and of which 15000 is in Kashmir.

She did not stop here. She further claimed that the main intention of infiltrators is to spread terrorism in India. India cannot be a Dharamshala, she added.

She questioned, why Rohingya Muslims do not take refuge in other Muslim majority countries? and said that no country is ready to give shelter to them.

Supporting Buddhists in Myanmar, she said that they are targeted by Rohingya Muslims. She also said that Buddhists are peace loving community.

It may be mentioned that since 25th August, more than 125000 Rohingya Muslims entered Bangladesh due to a fresh upsurge of violence in Myanmar.