Sadhavi Saraswati delivers highly provocative speech, advises to buy swords

Kolkata: Hindu religious preacher, Sadhavi Saraswati once again delivered a provocative speech in Kolkata, West Bengal. She also incited a section of community to buy swords.

Talking about Ram Temple issue, she said that there is a need for the Government to promulgate an ordinance for the construction of the temple. She claimed that the Hindus on their own land are being treated as strangers. She alleged that Govt. of West Bengal is appeasing Congress and the Muslims.

She expressed surprise as to why the Govt. of West Bengal is neglecting the sentiments of the Hindus. India is of the Hindus and why is Government treating the Hindus as aliens, she said.

She was addressing Virat Hindu Sammelan at Kolkata. She said that no one should test the patience of the Hindus.

Addressing the Hindus, she said that when they can buy a mobile phone worth Rs. 50000 or Re. 1 lakh they should also buy a sword for Re. 1000.

She alleged that TMC Govt. is appeasing the Muslims keeping in mind their vote bank. All the Hindus should get united against the bad governance of this party since TMC Govt. is intervening in the religious activities of the Hindus, she said.

During her speech, she talked on various topics including Kashmiri Pandits and Rohingya Muslims.

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