Sadath Nagar resident alleges local leaders involved in land encroachment

Hyderabad: A exasperated resident of Sadath Nagar, Raheema Unnisa, has alleged that local political leaders have been encroaching on government land as a result of which roads and drainages were needlessly blocked.

Speaking about the plight of Osman Nagar in the Jalpally municipality, where 1500 residents were rendered homeless due to floods last year, Raheema believes that if the situation is not resolved, Sadath Nagar will witness the same situation as Osman Nagar, which falls under the constituency of state education minister Sabitha Indra Reddy.

Raheem Unnisa told that she has filed a petition in the Telangana high court regarding the encroachments and discussed with how the area was affected. She alleged that local leaders who belong to the All India Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) party have been encroaching on the roads of the area and claiming it to be theirs.

“They are treating public facilities as if it is their personal property,” she alleged. She further alleged that three roads have been usurped and one of them has a drainage pipeline below it. Raheema Unnisa added that the encroachers are trying to put a slab on the sewage.

“If they put a slab on the drainage, the water will lack a decent outlet and the streets will start to flood,” she remarked.  As of now, whenever the area witnesses heavy rain, the water floods the streets up to 2.5 feet in the area. The area in focus here falls under ward 27 and 28 of the Jalpally Municipality.

The complaints to the Owaisi brothers

Raheema Unissa said that she also complained to Hyderabad Lok Sabha MP and AIMIM president, Asaduddin Owaisi, and his brother (MLA from Chandrayangutta) Akbar-ud-Din Owaisi about the matter.

She was informed by Asaduddin Owaisi that necessary action would be taken. The younger Owaisi, alleges Raheema, delegated the task to Naseer Ghiyas, the media head of AIMIM who in turn told local AIMIM leader Ahmad Saadi to look into the case.

“Saadi just told me that he would put a petition in Baldiya and report the same to the collector. But neither is he responding to my calls since nor is he permitting officials from the town planning department to come through to inspect the area,” claims Raheema.

The resident of Sadath Nagar also called on Praveen Kumar, an official from Jalpally Municipality to visit the area. However, he is said to have rejected the visit and further spoke very rudely.

The encroachment is being spearheaded by a local MIM leader, Haroon Quraishi, added Raheema. Aside from Haroon Quraishi, she said that local leaders Mohammed Imran, Aqeel, and Habib Umar are also allegedly involved in this.

The collectors’ response

When contacted by, the collector Chadradar Kumar said that he is unaware of this issue and asked for two days of time to look into the issue and solve it. He further said that there is “no proof of encroachment or municipality malpractices” regarding the same.