Sachin bats for safer Indian roads

New Delhi : Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar today launched a road safety campaign saying that like batting in the middle, a partnership is needed between the vehicle drivers and pedestrians to make the dangerous Indian roads


“It is extremely sad, the amount of lives we are losing everyday to road fatalities. Discipline is very important if you have to make our roads. Like partnership is important between the batsman and non-striker, same way it is imperative for the vehicle drivers and pedestrians to collaborate to make roads safer,” said Tendulkar at the launch of ‘Aster SafeRoads i#Pledge’ campaign here.

“It is sad when I see people violating traffic rules in our country. You have to wear helmets while riding a two-wheeler. I often see people holding helmets in their hands or keeping them on the steering while riding. This has to change,”

added the celebrated batsman, who kickstarted the initiative in the company of Azad Moopen, founder of Aster DM Healthcare.

Going by the figures of Transport Ministry, a life is lost every 3.7 minutes in India due to road accidents, resulting in 1.2 million deaths annually and serious injuries to over 5.5 million people.