‘Sabko Nipta Do’: Chilling audio clips on Bhopal Encounter

“Mike 1, Saahab bol rahe hain nipta do (Mike 1, Saahab is saying finish them all).”

Bhopal: After a series of indicting video, a chilling audio clip purportedly from the encounter site, revealed that the police personnel never meant to capture the SIMI undertrials alive.

The audio conversation involves a senior official at police control room (PCR) and the police personnel present at the encounter site.

The voice is heard communicating with the cops on the site, “sabko nipta do (finish them all).”

“Sabko nipta do… Sahab aanewale hain. Bilkul peechhe nahi hatna hai. Gher ke pura kar do kaam tamaam. (Finish everyone… Sahab is about to come. Don’t stop or hesitate. Surround them and finish them off.)”

YouTube video

Sigma Seven One: Chaar-paanch mar gaye hain. Unko goli lag gayi hai. Chalo, shaabash. Koi dikkat nahi hai. Hum log pahunch rahe hain (Sigma Seven One, four-five of them are dead. They’ve been shot. Great, don’t worry. We are reaching there.)”

“Ek ko to zinda rakhna chahiye tha. (We should’ve kept at least one of them alive.) “

A senior police officer towards the end of clip is heard ordering his team, not allow any person to come near the encounter site, in case they needed to do another “farzi(fake) operation.

YouTube video

“Sab peeche hat jao…kuch aur farzi operation karana pade to. (Everybody move back, we might need to do some more fake operations.)”

The audio clip point out that the SIMI men did not open fire on the 25-member-strong police party.

Madhya Pradesh’s anti-terror squad chief Sanjeev Shami on Wednesday said that the eight SIMI undertrials were not armed when they were shot dead in Bhopal.