Sabarimala: Masjid open doors for devotees as Kerala rocked by right-wing protests

Palakkad: A Jama Masjid in Palakkad district opened its doors for Ayyappa devotees when the state of Kerala is rocked by right-wing Sabarimala protests.

According to Bangalore Mirror, the incident took place on Thursday when the tempo traveller ferrying 15 devotees from Hyderabad careened and rolled over onto a field nearby mosque.

Image Courtesy: Bangalore Mirror

Following this, the Muslim brethren who were going for morning prayers rushed to the site and rescued the devotees. They gave them shelter at the mosque and served some food and refreshments there before the devotees resumed the journey a few hours later when police arranged a vehicle for them to travel to Sabarimala around 12.30 pm.

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“The vehicle the devotees were travelling in was completely damaged and was taken to a workshop. We took the pilgrims who escaped with minor injuries to the mosque and served them breakfast and refreshments,” Shahul Hameed Faizy who was present at the spot was quoted News18 as saying.

The incident took place at a time when the state has been rocked by violent protests by BJP-RSS and right-wing outfits after two women of menstruating age access entry and offered prayers at the Sabarimala shrine.