Ryan Reynolds spoofs up Kanye West’s SNL rant

Washington : Kanye West’s Saturday Night Live backstage rant, which created a huge controversy, was turned into a spoof by Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’ character.

In the NSFW video, the 39-year-old actor indirectly addresses the online petition that fans started to get Deadpool to host ‘ Saturday Night Live,’ reports Us magazine.

The Change.org petition already has almost 70,000 signatures, but the profanity-filled video reveals that the superhero isn’t a likely candidate to host the NBC show.

In the video, Deadpool says, “Listen up, Lorne Michaels. SNL took my f**king ‘ Life of Pablo’ album without asking. Now I’m bummed. That and Rip Taylor. Fake ass!”

‘ Deadpool’ broke several Box Office records with a 135 million dollar opening weekend. (ANI)