Ruthless mother kills her 7-yr-old daughter

Ruthless mother kills her 7-yr-old daughter

Bengaluru: A heart-wrenching incident of a working mother who pushed her 7-yr-old daughter off their building killing the innocent girl has been reported in South Bengaluru on Sunday.

This heartless mother identified as Swati Sarkar is a working school teacher. She pushed her innocent girl from the third floor of the building reported Eye Witness.

What comes as even more shocking is that the ruthless mother dragged her daughter back to the top of the building and pushed her off for the second time which resulted in the minor’s death.

According to nearby residents, the girl was an autistic child while others claim she was both deaf and dumb.

However, the merciless mother after committing the crime got ready and was preparing to leave the building when the residents caught her and tied her up to an electrical Pole until the Police arrived.

Her husband is a techie and the couple recently separated due to their differences.