Russia slams US for allegations of defence tech sale to N Korea

Beijing: Russia slammed the United States on Friday for levelling allegations against Kremlin of selling missile and air defence technology to North Korea.

“I would like to state with all my responsibility that the allegations against Russia about the alleged purchase of missile and air defence technology by North Koreans from us are contrived and absolutely unfounded,” Russian envoy to China Alexander Matzegora told Sputnik.

“Washington fails to find pretexts for accusations against us that is why they are making up another hoax. By this unfair way, (the US) is also trying to justify its destabilising policies in the area of international security,” he added.

A US missile defence review had earlier stated that “North Korea has acquired Russian missile defence technology and is developing its own mobile missile defence capabilities, specifically, a mobile air and missile defence system.While indigenously produced, its interceptors and radar system share similarities with Russian systems.”

Comments of both, Russia and US, come in the wake of North Korea’s top negotiator Kim Yong Chol landing in Washington DC to hold discussions over the next US-North Korea summit amid a stalemate in talks pertaining to denuclearisation.