Russia releases video clip of AK-47 rifle-armed drone

Moscow: A video footage of a drone featuring parts of AK-47 Kalashnikov appeared on Russia social media on Monday, online military magazine Defence Blog reports.

According to Defence Blog, the video clip of the new combat-capable unmanned aerial vehicle started circulating on Russian social media a year after arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey sought a patent on the flying vehicle which looks like an AK-47 drone.

Citing, Defence Blog stated that the images in Almaz-Antey’s patent revealed an elementary design with a center fuselage, a built-in rifle portion, and a plane-like wing design.

However, the device reflects a ghastly vision of the future of warfare wherein these small drones with capabilities as such can wreak havoc on the enemy.

The new drone is equipped with auto-loading smooth-bore Carbine Vepr-12 Hummer and box magazine for 10 rounds, the report revealed.

The rifle drone can fire automatically while flying and in case, the target is not hit, it continues to follow the object without the need to further adjust the path.

Russia, one of the top arms exporters, has introduced some unusual drones in the last few years like the underwater drone which has been designed to fight with divers undersea.