Russia offers UN to set up 4 humanitarian corridors in Aleppo

Geneva: Russia has offered the UN to set up four corridors in Aleppo to evacuate patients from the rebel-controlled east to the western part of the country, a UN official said.

“The Russian Federation announced they want to sit down in Aleppo with our people there to discuss how we can use the four corridors to evacuate people out,” UN head of humanitarian assistance in Syria Jan Egeland said in a press briefing on Thursday.

The official explained that for a humanitarian corridor to work it must be respected by all parties to the conflict and said he is ‘confident’ that the rebels would respect this agreement, Efe news agency reported.

Russia has established unilateral humanitarian pauses in the past and has supposedly secured corridors to allow the evacuation of the sick and wounded, the departure of civilians and combatants willing to defect and allow the entry of humanitarian assistance.