Rural Warangal is likely to be named as Kakatiya or Bhadrakali

Hyderabad: It is understood that the proposal to elevate Hanamkonda to the status of a district is likely to be withdrawn. Rural Warangal is being considered to be named as Kakatiya or Bhadrakali. The local residents of Warangal are against bifurcation of Warangal. They want Warangal, Hanamkonda and Khazipet to be in the same district. After receiving Intelligence Report and the wishes of the local people, Govt. may withdraw the proposal to bifurcate Warangal into Warangal and Hanamkonda districts. It is understood that in case Bhopalli and Mehboobabad are exempted, Warangal will have 23 mandals and a population of 23 lakhs. According to the proposals of the Govt., there should be 18 mandals and the population should be about 14 lakh. In such a case, Warangal is likely to become the largest Telangana District wherein there will 30 mandals with the population of 33 lakh. There is a proposal to elevate Warangal as Municipal Corporation as Kakatiya and Bhadrakali.

–Siasat News