‘Ruptured small intestine, broken rib, internal head injury’ – murder of 2 YO by his merciless mother

Kerala: A 2-year-old innocent toddler was mercilessly killed by his own mother reveals the toddler’s father who finally broke his silence after two days of the cold-blooded murder.

The shocking murder of Ekalavyan at the hands of his mother has sent a sharp chill down the spine after the post-mortem report by the forensic surgeon revealed the victim had a ruptured small intestine, a broken rib bone and an internal head injury.

The discharge coming out of the small intestine has worsened his condition which eventually led to his death, the report said.

Two days after the murder, the biological father Manu(26) said the boy’s mother Uthara (21) tortured the boy relentlessly and that she and her lover, both wanted to get rid of him.

Uthara was in an illicit relationship with her lover Rajeesh and separated from Manu along with her their son Ekalavyan 2 months ago.

The trio later moved to a rented house in Varakala two weeks ago, prior to which they lived in the nearby town of Kallambalam.

Manu reportedly filed a complaint with the Kallambalam Police seeking custody of Eklavyan.

“I’ve seen bruise marks all over his body and I had requested them to give him to me. She (Uthara) only killed my son. I would have taken care of him like gold,” a heart-broken Manu said.

Eklavyan’s custody case was still ongoing but he passed away on Monday.
Investigation in the complaint frilled by Manu against his wife and her lover revealed the duo in fact tortured the boy to death.

“They were arrested and after interrogation, they confessed that the both of them did it together,” SI of Varkala station told TNM.

The duo confessed to the crime. The Police found the duo had been beating, kicking the boy relentlessly for past one week which deteriorated the boy’s health and he passed out.

Only when he passed out due to the torture, the couple took him to the Attingal Taluk hospital.

When questioned by the doctors, the couple allegedly lied and said the boy had been suffering from loose motions and was vomiting.

Since the case turned critical after the doctors found pus in the victim’s stool immediately referred to a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.

But instead of taking him to the hospital, the couple took the boy back to their home and fed him glucose with water.

“He was discharged at noon and was only taken to the hospital in Thiruvananthapuram at 3pm when he fainted. By 4pm, he passed away,” the SI added.

The Police has filed a case against the mother Uthara and her lover under sections 302 ( punishment for murder) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) and Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015.

They were presented before the Varakala Judicial First Class Magistrate Court on Wednesday from where they were remanded to judicial custody, the SI confirmed.