With Rupee fall, these countries have become favourite destination spots

New Delhi: With drastic fall of Indian rupee against dollar, consecutively for the past two weeks, have opened doors for leisure travellers who are choosing this time, of all times, to visit their favourite destination spots.

The rupee has been, so far, Asia’s worst performing currency this year against what the saffron party has claimed with new implementations across the nation.The rupee had even crossed the 70 threshold against the dollar on August 16th, ET reported.

Now countries with local currency not as strong as the Indian rupee has become the new popular destination as well as budget friendly destination for Indians.

More people are choosing Turkey since the Turkish Lira’s depreciation against the Indian rupee as well other countries such as Indonesia where the local currency has weakened by 4-5% while the South African Rand weakened by 10%.

“This provides travellers an opportunity to shift their choice of destinations to take advantage of this opportunity and book deals. We anticipate that this winter, demand for destinations such as South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and Bali will gain traction,” said Karan Anand, Head & realtions of Cox & Kings.

Sharat Dhall, COO, B2C at Yatra.com said Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia are the new favourite destinations that have seen a pick-up with Indian currency performing worst against Dollar.

“There is an increase in demand for destinations that are cheaper,” Dhall said.