Ruling Govt- BJP spent Rs 3,000 Crores on publicity: RTI

New Delhi: The ruling government, since it came to power, has so far spent around Rs 2,374 crore on its publicity in electronic media whereas around Rs 670 crore on outdoor publicity according to RTI reply.

The Bureau of Outreach and Communication under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has given the RTI reply regarding the ruling government’s expenditure on publicity that includes electronic media, social media platforms, television and radio, sought by bureaucrat Sanjiv Chaturvedi.

The Reply includes the expenditure carried out on All India Radio, DD National, internet, production, radio, SMS, theatre, TV and on miscellaneous heads among others, [source_without_link]PTI reports[/source_without_link].

That goes without any question the enormous efforts and money that was put in for the ruling party’s publicity across the nation.

Explaining the expenditure, the reply stated expenses made on different types of advertisements in various categories such as employment notices, tenders, other notices and advertisements of various schemes through the Bureau on behalf of various client ministries/departments/public sector undertakings, it said.

Nearly Rs 670 crore was spent alone on outdoor publicity during 2014 and November 26, 2018, the Bureau said without giving any further details of which Rs 81.27 crore was spent in 2014-15, Rs 118.51 crore during 2015-16, Rs 186.37 crore in 2016-17 and Rs 208.54 crore during 2017-18.

A total of Rs 75.08 crore has been spent on outdoor publicity during April 2018 and November 26, 2018, the RTI reply stated.

Bureaucrat Chaturvedi has sought details of expenses made on all the advertisements related to publicity of central government from June 1, 2014, including the amount spent in print, electronic and social media.

In case of outdoor publicity, the Bureau of Outreach and Communication also gave details of expenditure since 2009-10. It said about Rs 19.85 crore was spent during 2009-10, Rs 31.06 crore during 2010-11 and Rs 45.47 crore in 2011-12. As much as Rs 51.42 crore was spent on outdoor publicity in 2012-13 and nearly Rs 74.35 crore during 2013-14, the RTI reply said.